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New 'Balance' Collection

Our new collection of notebooks were inspired by the theme of 'balance'.  Balancing our work, physical and social lifestyles, and what this means in today's world. With the ultimate goal to find unity within ourselves, we hope our products show themes of polarity, rhythm and connectivity, acting as a reminder to tune into ourselves. We encourage you to slow down. To take notice of yourself writing. To recognise your thoughts and align this with your physical movement. Does everything feel slower? Does it feel more powerful?

Our new collection of greeting cards proudly shows themes of balance through composition and and type, but sits as a development within our sign-painting collection. We encourage you to celebrate and align what is important to you, by offering a purposeful curated collection of gifting solutions that mark with everyday occasions and special moments worth honouring.



Original Monogram 'Sign-Painting' Collection

The roots of Type and Story began with storytelling and choice. Our monogram launch collection pays homage to the lost art of sign-painting, a highly skilled art of painting letters in public spaces. It is in this spirit that we aim to capture your heart. To recognise old skill sets, take inspiration from them, treasure them and share them. Everyone and everything has a story. We hope that you use these letters to tell your story, however you choose to tell it..